I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children. My roots are in a small farming community in Kansas but after living all over the world, we moved to Alaska in 2013 and have enjoyed making it our home. I attended the University of Maryland University College Europe while living in England and graduated in Heidelberg, Germany with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2012. I am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy with Northcentral University and am a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family, reading, writing, kayaking, and traveling. I believe that we each hold the key to unlock our own happiness and healing but occasionally, we require a little assistance finding our keys. I look forward to the opportunity to work collaboratively with families to help facilitate that positive change in their lives and their relationships.

‚ÄčErika Yourdan, BS- Marriage & Family Therapy Intern



After transferring to a Marriage & Family Therapy master's program in New England I became associated for the first time with Narrative Therapy. Narrative therapy is a non~usual type of family therapy that increases the agency of families & individuals by veering sharply from traditional problem~saturated conversations, choosing as its compass (coined by Narrative Therapy co~author Michael White) "People are not problems, problems are problems". As I have trained in this very respectful & appreciative type of family therapy, I've learned to put credit where credit is due, by relying on the expertise of the folks I meet with, rather than insert any professional advice.


Of late I've taken on the title of "Relentless Collector of Magical Moments", which I've stolen from photographer Stephen Wilkes. As you meet with me, you'll note that any expertise I hold is that of your personal "Therapeutic Biographer" or our relationship together being that of "Investigative Co~reporters" through appreciative inquiry. You'll notice that I want to know about your relationship with the problem in various contexts, particularly when you are able to provide evidence of gaining power over the problem or when the problem isn't a problem. Like a biographer take LOTS of notes, which I consider sacred, & your property, which you at anytime can ask me to "hand it over"- often I'll copy these after our conversation for your review, as well as writing (or co~writing) other therapeutic documents. Be ready also to invite those who are most supportive (ex: father, mother, ecclesiastical leader, teacher, coach, that neighbor you can always count on, the bagger at the grocery, ect), as our time together is brief, & these persons have more currency in your life & will be with you long after I'm gone.

Peruse  my Curriculum Vitae at www.visualcv.com/kwalker for more information on my experience. 

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Kevan W. Walker


Fairbanks, Alaska has been my home since 1994 when I was stationed at Ft. Wainright. I've been involved in this business of professionally helping people since 1999. Most of this life entailed direct care in residential treatment facilities with folks dealing with developmental disabilities, substance misuse & dependency, and severe emotional disturbances. Ages I've worked with run the gamut, but most of my experiences dealt with children & teens.


As I began a masters degree in counseling I started coming into contact with Marriage & Family Therapists, finding that they shared my "non~usual" way of viewing people as relational beings, rather than the usual individually~based practitioners.

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