Non-usual, appreciative consultations in the comfort of your own home.


In-home family therapy has been utilized in many  settings with many benefits to people seeking services, such as convenience, putting the problem/ skills in context, & a feeling of more control for the consultee. You may find in-home therapy with GHFT very different, let me assure you that I have years of experience meeting with families in their homes, who are dealing with various economic & other situations. I'm also amenable to meeting in your child's school or elsewhere in the community. I also maintain an office in East Fairbanks off the Steese Expressway where I meet with folks. *Travel outside the Fairbanks area may include commute cost.

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Managed care is increasingly managing us by dictating the course of therapy & peeking in on your private affairs. Instead of insurance I take cash, check, & card. Flexible options are available. If need be a receipt can be submitted to your insurance. I am also a partner with LDS Family Services & am amenable to working with other 3rd party payers.


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​​​Brief-Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy is a branch of family therapy that is non-usual in its affirmation of the person seeking consultation as the expert, rather than the therapist as expert. Secondly, Narrative Therapy is also known for going counter to most of psychotherapy culture with regards to where the problem is located- this is best conveyed by the oft heard mantra by the late Narrative practitioner Michael White: "People are not problems, problems are problems".

Think of me as your "Therapeutic Biographer" as together we write a new story to emphasize the exceptions to the problem, such as your own innate skills & chorus of supporters. Therapy is brief, limited to 10 sessions, in order to increase the focus on solutions & rely more on yourself & natural supports than on me. In this way, Narrative Therapy increases your agency.

For more information on Narrative Therapy, follow these links. The first is an interview with practitioner Steven Madigan, whom I've trained with. The second is an FAQ on Narrative Therapy: