• Hourly Fee: $150.00 (first 30 minutes of the first conversation is FREE, so you can decide if these conversation is a good fit). I meet with individuals, couples, & groups, all from a relational perspective.
  • Pre-Marital/ Marriage-Enrichment session: 1st session is free for pre-marital couples as a wedding gift from me, & $150.00 after (I use the Prepare/ Enrich program for engaged couples, as well as couples that are married, doing well, but want to further enrich their relationship. Before sessions you & your companion will complete a 9-point online assessment [I will send you both a link & you will pay online], & which all of our conversations will be based off of)- most couples complete the program in 4- 6 sessions.
  • Training & Consultations for organizations- Let me know what your organization needs & I will collaboratively create a customized training or consultation for you. I have extensive experiences working with the military & religious organizations. As I am a Relational practitioner, my trainings & consultations revolve around interactional dynamics that are heavily influenced by society & culture. Fees will be determined based on the hourly fee & specific needs of the organization.
  • Apprenticing (Internship)- I work with students & pre-licensed therapists (no more than 2 at a time) using the Engaged Supervision model of Epston, Carlson, & Ingamells, as well as the Prismatic Dialogue process of Johnella Bird. Although both supervision theories are based off of Narrative Therapy principles, I don't require Apprentices to adopt that therapy as a model. I'm not employing Apprentices at this time. I do not charge for Apprenticing, choosing instead to "pay-it-forward" as was granted me & see this as a service opportunity.

*I am not a Diagnostition who writes assessments (ex: school accommodation, service animals, WPATH documentation, FMLA documentation, etc), nor a Forensic Interviewer such as who might be needed in court cases. I can suggest Therapists & Psychologists in Alaska that specialize in these areas. Should I be subpoenaed for court appearance I reserve the right to charge my hourly fee ($150.00) for preparation & court appearance. I also charge my hourly fee for interviewing for & writing a Relational Assessment. 

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